888poker Launches New Series of Online Shootout Poker

Killout Games is the new series of online poker tournaments at 888poker. This is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about these hugely popular and sometimes lucrative tournaments and give their famous representative a chance to shine! Renowned British boxer Chris Eubank Jr. will participate in this particular event, offering several bonus prizes for players who don’t want another game or hand before winning big at the tables.

Killout Games

The new series starts on Sunday, April 24th and will run until May. A total of 44 tournaments offer a combined guarantee of over $1 million!

New Ambassador 888

Buy-ins range from $11 to $215, usually no more than $100. Each event is played in a knockout format, which means that part of each purchase will go towards the prize pool, and the other part will go towards rewards for the first to fourth-place participants, respectively.

This article informs you that the daily freerolls are now running, and there is a chance to get tickets to the $215 Main Event.

New Ambassador 888

888poker is proudly celebrating its 20th anniversary. The online poker room has signed Chris Eubank Jr as their new cultural spokesperson, and he’s not just some old boxer – he fought in the Olympics!

Eubank is a two-time IBO World Champion and holds several middleweight titles, making him one of the most accomplished fighters in the division.

New Ambassador 888

He has been in several high-profile fights with 32 wins (23 by KO and nine decisions) and two losses. Eubank is a former professional boxer from England who recently fought Liam Williams at a fight night in Cardiff, where he handily won by unanimous decision; this allowed him to rack up over thirty-two wins, including nineteen from knockouts, as well as nine victories in collegiate competitions such as the Royal College of Dubai.

Eubank was born in 1989 and grew up mostly overseas before returning to England, where he began his professional boxing career at 18. His sixth amateur win made him East Sussex Champion in 2007; after this success, Ea, also known as the “Golden Boy” as many dubbed him, became America’s next big hope – but only if you don’t pay attention to all those fights that someone else won before losing again… In 2011, with only one year left in his career, the tall young fighter joined forces with renowned father Chris E.

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Passion for poker

When Eubank got the opportunity to play high-stakes Poker, he took it. He even played at Poker After Dark once, and his partnership with 888poker made sense because of this love of recreational gaming that comes through in their logo.

“Poker is my big passion, so I am excited to partner with 888poker. To me, the beauty of Poker lies in its community and users, who make it more of a game than a grind for players of all levels. Thanks again for their user-friendly platform.

Eubank has been an active member of the 888poker community and will participate in both Event 22 (the knockout game) and Twitch. He will do it live on the Twitch channel www.888POKERTV!

888poker puts a bounty on Eubank’s head. The player who knocks him out of the tournament (unless he wins it) will win an incredible Road to Vegas prize package that includes $10,000 in cash, up to $1,500 in accommodation, and travel and expenses!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! All players participating in Knockout Games events will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a pair of Eubank-signed gloves.

Knockout Games Schedule

This schedule offers three versions of each event – all with their own numbers! There are primary, mini and late variations. The only exception is the Main Event which has two formats to cater to players who may prefer one version or another depending on time constraints within a certain day/period during competition stages etcetera

  • 24 April (Events 1-3): $109 / $16.50 / $44 NLHE PKO Opening ($125K / $20K / $12K GTD)
  • 25 April (Events 4-6): $55 / $11 / $33 NLHE PKO 8-Max ($25K / $10K / $10K GTD)
  • 26 April (Events 7-9): $160 / $22 / $55 NLHE Super Knockout ($30K / $15K / $10K GTD)
  • 27 April (Events 10-12): $109 / $16.50 / $33 NLHE PKO ($30K / $12K / $10K GTD)
  • 28 April (Events 13-15): $215 / $10K / $7K NLHE PKO Freezeout ($25K / $10K / $7K GTD)
  • 29 April (Events 16-18): $88 / $22 / $33 NLHE Knockout ($25K / $15K / $10K GTD)
  • 30 April (Events 19-21): $109 / $16.50 / $33 NLHE PKO 6-Max ($30K / $12K / $10K GTD)
  • 1 May (Events 22-24): $160 / $22 / $55 NLHE PKO Tune-Up ($150K / $25K / $15K GTD)
  • 2 May (Events 25-27): $55 / $11 / $33 PKOmaha 6-Max ($8K / $3K / $5K GTD)
  • 3 May (Events 28-30): $160 / $22 / $55 NLHE Super Knockout ($30K / $15K / $10K GTD)
  • 4 May (Events 31-33): $109 / $16.50 / $33 NLHE PKO 8-Max ($30K / $12K / $10K GTD)
  • 5 May (Events 34-36): $215 / $55 / $33 NLHE PKO Freezeout ($25K / $10K / $7K GTD)
  • 6 May (Events 37-39): $88 / $22 / $33 NLHE Knockout ($25K / $15K / $10K GTD)
  • 7 May (Events 40-42): $109 / $16.50 / $33 NLHE PKO 6-Max ($30K / $12K / $10K GTD)
  • 8 May (Event 43): $215 NLHE PKO Main Event ($300K GTD)
  • 8 May (Event 44): $55 NLHE PKO Mini Main Event ($50K GTD)

You can watch three events as they play out in real-time on 888pokerTV’s Twitch channel. The first event will be happening 25 April and it includes Event 1 for this coming Saturday, 2 May; there is also a Livestream set up specifically during the day so you don’t miss any of what goes down when we get to 9amMEZ (9:00 AM).