About Betsoft Birds Slot

Betsoft takes us on an adventure with cute little birds in a fun and addictive slot game. In “Birds!” you will move from the farmyard to the life of the big city and back! Things get more interesting when we reach our destination – there’s always something new around every corner thanks to the Free Flight bonus feature; gambling opportunities abound. The cascading win system also increases your score and also gives an edge to players who take risks while playing

Birds! is the latest game from Betsoft, and it’s hard not to have your share of fun with this superb graphics or interesting theme. With three different modes to suit players who enjoy strategy, this app has something that everyone will want to play again and again.

Play and win double

Get ready to go on an adventure with this exciting game where you can enjoy free spins and a host of other great prizes, thanks in part to the cascading wins feature. There are also gambling features available for good measure, so prepare your pockets because it is likely that once playing, one lucky gambler will receive impressive winnings sometime while playing! Be sure to try the 3D online casino offer

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Birds! The online slot is a fun and addictive game with an adorable flock of animated little birds that perch on power lines in the countryside (during regular play) or in the midst of the skyscrapers of a big city. The special effects include charming graphics reminiscent of old-school cartoons, making it a must-see for any avid gamer who likes nostalgia but not too many bells and amps.

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Deluxe icons include 10 birds with different colours, animations, and unique gameplay features. The wild symbol is a single colourful bird that substitutes for other symbols to create winning combinations!

They sit down, you win

You can bet from 25 credits per Spin up to a maximum of 125. Coin values ​​range from 0 to 1, with most games averaging around 50 cents or less than the minimum 😉

Play and win double

Betsoft developers are always coming up with new ways to make their slots more exciting. In this case, they have removed the traditional 5×3 reel setup and replaced it with 15 birds that fly into place when you hit Spin!

When three birds of different colours land on the reels, you win money! Other new types of birds start to fall from above and occupy the empty spaces on each reel. This means that as more combinations are created, such as winning paylines with bigger payouts, there is always something to look forward to in this gambling game with endless earning potential at every turn

Finally free flight

Each time you win using the cascading wins feature, your glass tube fills up and triggers free flights. The more consecutive wins in this game mode (more than 4 times), the more games are available to play!

You can track how much you’ve won each round by checking the display below during the free spins. The counter remains active, which means it will continue to receive contributions from your bet so that more prizes can be given out if needed!

Play and win double

If you combine this new feature with another exciting game where players can bet on each round to win bigger prizes. You have the opportunity to guess Heads or Tails with a probability of 50% or 100%. If this is correct, your money on hand doubles, but if you are mistaken, you will lose everything! There is no limit until a high limit is reached, OR it is chosen whether to collect coins automatically after winning x amount per Spin (or hour).

Stupid theme with lots of games

If you’re looking for a slot that strikes an elegant balance between fun and rewards, then Birds! Will make your day. The three special features are a lot of fun, but the only lucrative feature missing here is the multiplier machine, which would give players multiple times their total bet – however, this can be offset by easily triggered cascading wins as well as free flights rewarded at multiple points .”