About Bookie of Odds

Microgaming has teamed up with Triple Edge Studios to bring us an online game called The Bookmaker. This simple but volatile creation has two main elements: betting on horse racing and playing at the height of 5 reels / 10 paylines. However, there are no other frills or distractions regarding what you will focus on while playing. Will YOU be more focused than before?


This slot has an interesting re-spin feature that gives you the chance to find a winning combo after each round of free spins. This paid service will allow you to dig for more gold coins by expanding symbols during your spins, so it’s easier! The free rounds also come with multipliers which also makes things even better as this is one of those games where less means more when you play slots online like Big Fish Casino™’s Barometer Slots

The slot has several different features that you can use. One is the re-spin button, allowing players to spin independently without help from an external source. This gives them another chance to win big money! You will also find free spins – these give your entire reel ALL IN until it reaches 15 symbols in total; so don’t miss out by playing this game now before the time runs out

Game Symbols

The dark green reels have the standard A, K and Q playing card symbols. They will often appear in winning combinations to make up for their low payouts with big casino chips such as horse [jockey], red bookmaker (tic-tac-toe), a blue horseman that serves as both a wild symbol and a scatter option, in addition to being able to make certain combinations when they are in certain places throughout any game round/session.


The Bookie of Odds is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot machine with the ability to bet from $0.10 per spin until the big players can bet up to 25 cents!


You are guaranteed to win at least 3 matches when you land them on the reels. The size of your win will depend on how many coins you use and which symbol appears next in line for each combination listed in the “paytable” after pressing the “Play” button – it’s all very scientific!

There is a huge reward for those lucky enough to get it right. 5000x your stake per spin, achievable with the best winning combo of 5 identical symbols that pay 500x your stake!

Expect a lot of dry spins before you claim your next win. The game is highly volatile, so don’t be discouraged if big wins take a while – they will eventually come with the right level of patience and bankroll management skills! The RTP is around 96%.

Re-rotation function

When the respin feature is activated, you will try to reach the symbols missing on each reel after a regular spin. Find your way back by clicking at the bottom of the screen and choose which reels will give you the best chance until there’s no money left in the pool meter! This extra step costs money, so make sure it doesn’t get too expensive before using it again; if what you’re looking for 4 works well with valuable prizes like big payouts

Free Spins Bonus

With horse racing books instead of other symbols on the reels, you can win unlimited times. Land at least 3 of them to trigger 25 free spins, of which 10 are active by landing them on any payline and 2 extra chances using wilds that appear during the game!

Get ready for a royal treat with this reel. Get a symbol on different reels, and you’ll expand and cover everything in sight!


The bookmaker slot machine is a high volatility game that can boost your bankroll significantly. If that doesn’t sound too tempting, you can win up to 5000X per spin! That being said, it’s playable like any other decent offering that has a horse theme and a variable action

The free spin round is the key to making big profits in this slot. This is the only odds-based feature that Bookie of Odds provides, but don’t worry! You can retrigger them for even bigger wins (and there are insanely generous multipliers if you land 5 book scatters). The expanding symbol completes the playability argument list with its wide range of appeal, including the appeal of landing any single reel icon on an active payline randomly during normal gameplay, which has proven to be highly unpredictable as no two games are the same.