In this slot machine, you are subject to the power of a great dragon. His wisdom and power await you on every reel, row and line! Win big with 280753 coins or more and other impressive features to complete your day

Wildcards and other symbols

How to play Dragon Kings

Join the magical world of dragons with this slot machine! Meet five different types: green ones, red ones that land on your reel and bring bad luck to you; black versions that can double wins during free spins and give high payouts when 3 appear together at the same time – and what’s even more interesting, it’s not always easy to know which symbol will appear next because there can be one case where two different ones appear kind. At the same time (think about how THAT confuses people)! There’s also the Dragon King, who appears as an expanding wild card, replacing all the others in gameplay.

How to play Dragon Kings

The game has 10 paylines that allow players to win by matching three symbols. The Magical Dragon Pearl is an extra special symbol that can trigger bonuses when it appears on reel 6 on all five reels – this is where the winning streak begins!

The coin is your best friend in this slot machine. You can bet from $0.10 to $10, but more personalized options are not enough for you! There is a free-play mode with lots of charming features ready when it’s time to have some fun on a handy web page where everyone works together to win big on games like blackjack or roulette.

Intriguing special features, impressive payouts and addictive gameplay

The five dragon symbol is an expanding wild symbol that doubles your winnings. Land it on reel 1 for another chance to spin, with all the other symbols fixed around their respective reels; land any dragon you find here! The Black Coin or “Black Dragon” appears twice during the game – first in the center, where it performs a triple function, doubling the money won and replacing others if they are missing.

The white dragon moves one reel left or right, while the red dragon brings cash rewards up to 400 times your line bet. If three (or more) of these monsters appear on the screen at the same time, you will receive free spins with double the income if you have a Magic Pearl!

How to play Dragon Kings

The jackpots are huge; you can win them by landing three or more dragons on your reels. You can be awarded the Golden Jackpot for having four of these magical creatures appear at once – it’s not impossible! There is also a Silver Prize, which requires five appearances across all six levels to activate, while diamonds require 6 different types to be displayed together (although they are less common). There’s always something interesting going on at MyReelWorld, so don’t miss out on this year’s promotion that’s gone viral.

In this online slot, there is a chance to get 280,753 coins of the maximum size. There are other mouth-watering payouts, too, such as the amazing free spins feature and dragons that can make your luck even better!

Dragon Kings mobile game

Nothing compares to a fire-breathing dragon that lights up your mobile game screen. But these creatures are friendly, so you can rest easy knowing they are on YOUR side! The gameplay in this version is just as smooth and fun because it was designed with high-quality graphics for tablets or smartphones – depending on where you want to play the most! And finally, you will never stop having fun again because there will always be time set aside specifically for playing whatever games make sense right now, no matter how busy life gets. It takes a lot to create an engaging experience: thoughts turn into words and then back again until something tangible emerges from all those vague ideas floating around in our heads.

Betsoft showed the best results in generous measures

Betsoft’s latest slot game, Dragon Kings, is a unique way to recreate Ancient China, using crisp visuals and fantastic features to create an immersive gaming experience. Featuring four different types of wild symbols that can appear anywhere on reels 2 to 5, as well as special bonus games, including Magical Pearls droppers that reward players with multiple prizes if they land five of the same coloured gems. Or more recent payout triggers, such as triggering multiple paylines at once! The 95% RTP makes this a high-risk, high-reward game where you can potentially win big if you’re lucky, but there’s always more to the game than just good odds.